About Barnabas and our current needs!

Earthquake creates chaos   As I write this hundreds of thousands of Nepali citizens are afraid to sleep indoors at night because of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that destroyed so much in the country.  Governments are doing much and at one level, they are extremely prepared to walk into the chaos and instill some peace and pride in the people again.  Roads will be rebuilt, jobs begun, water will become a scares but precious item and disease will soon follow.  It’s a natural disaster and those things come with natural disasters in a developing country.

The Barnabas Fellowship has over 25 years experience researching, implementing, and cultivating small projects that affects lives.  That’s how we measure our success ~ lives changed ~ lives empowered ~ the Kingdom of God furthered.  We have a mature network of Nepali Christian men and women who we work through.  The NGO’s we’ve established are Christian and Accountable.  The truth is that government aid programs can be slow and insufficient whereas private, some, but not all charitable organizations, can work more quickly, with experienced local partners, and with higher levels of accountability and lower levels of overhead. At the country level, they are great.  But getting the help down to a repressed minority is hard.  That’s what the Christian community is in Nepal.  A repressed and persecuted minority.

If you want to know that your dollars count, then help us!  We are focusing on only a few items over the next several weeks.  We will provide food, water, and medical help to those who can’t get it if we can.  Will you help.  Donate Now!


dface2Greetings! I’m Ken Harbour and this is my wife Diana. Our life mission has been “to empower people and change their lives forever.” This mission has taken us to some difficult places on the globe and wherever we go we make sure we share our view of hope, healing, and intentional living. We believe we have the opportunity to make incredible change in our world and hope you can join our team. We are able to help impoverished children and orphans in the Himalayan Mountain Range and North India with basic necessities that we ourselves can take for granted. Things like food, clothing, shelter, and even an education are several things that cost pennies but are worth a fortune to those in need. And they are provided in a family atmosphere of love and compassion. When you join our team, your donations will allow us to provide helpless widows and the persecuted communities with ways they can empower themselves. We provide tailoring training to the motivated, water for small villages, medical assistance, livestock husbandry projects, micro-enterprise income-producing opportunities, and more to the struggling.
We assist in the rescue of young Nepali girls from those who would abduct and sell them to the horrible sex-trafficking trade. We also organized teams of men and women to go to rural areas to research the best ways to empower the destitute and to encourage and lift them from a life of despair. In time of crisis, donated funds help us send them extra food, blankets, and health care to ensure the livelihood of the communities we assist. As you can see, we work to help our planet’s children live as close as possible to a normal life. Every bit you donate helps bring a smile to a child’s face or a mother and father’s heart, and that alone is worth everything.



For over twenty-five years The Barnabas Fellowship has made a difference in the lives of the suffering and persecuted minorities around the world. From the mountains of the Himalayas through the villages and slums of India, Barnabas projects have touched lives of countless men, women, and children over the years. Medical needs were met, self-help micro-businesses started, wells dug, children fed, Bibles supplied, Scriptures translated, unreached touched….and much more.



Save The Daughters, (a Barnabas Project) is committed to empowering the Body of Christ in the Himalayan Mountain Range of Nepal and North India to fight against poverty and social injustice and creatively share the Good News. It’s website is www.savethedaughters.com. We will utilize strategies and Biblical principles in our ministry that bring the greatest honor to our Lord and model integrity in our partnerships. We are committed to identifying the greatest injustices in these areas and will work toward bringing relief to those who live under oppression. This project is particularly focused on the sex-trafficking industry, those threatened by it, and the empowerment of women.